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2013 Pretty Decent

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 11, 2014, 1:12 AM

So after 2011 being the cancer year and 2012 being the recovery year....2013 became the improvement year.  And it was a pretty decent success as far as my main goal was concerned.  With some helpful support from co-workers and friends; with visits to a Weight Loss surgeon (just to find out what it's about and have someone be on my side); and regular 6 week follow ups with my GP; I have successfully lost 104 lbs in 1 year.  Oh yes, I also use MyFitness Pal to track my calories and exercise -- HUGE help and it's free.

Well, I actually achieved it from Jan 14/13-Oct 31/13 (9.5 months) but went on vacation to the Turks & Caicos (which was good but also had some pretty stressful moments) and then my birthday and my Mom had a bit of an illness and then Christmas with a knee injury that prevented exercise...well, they weren't the greatest months as I gained 11 pounds pretty much on my 2 week vacation (OMG chocolate chip cookies are horrible, lol). 

During the rest of November and all through December I fluctuated and bounced around, never going all the way up 11 pounds again but like 8 or 9.  Anyway, the new year brought forth renewed vigor and this month has seen the weight completely melt off without as much effort as I thought so I've actually lost 1 pound more than I had in October. 

So YAY me!  I am back on track. 

That being said, I'm ridiculously still only half way to my goal weight.  Yup, I was that heavy.  So this change down 100 lbs has made a huge impact already in more ways than I can recount.  And yes, I did it the right way (best way?) with changing my lifestyle slowly and adding in exercise.  It has taken determination and discipline.  And discipline does include allowing myself to have cheat moments (or meals) and enjoy those snacks; the key to the discipline part there is not binging (except for those vacation cookies, yikes) and reeling it in immediately so you don't get off course the next day and give up.  Also, if you do get off course, don't beat yourself up about too hard; just get on track at the next meal, or the next day, or the next week if it's gone that long, and persist with it.  I don't feel as if I have really given anything up but I do try to limit it -- but all of those snacks I love are in the pantry (the chips, crackers, cookies, etc).  So I know it's there if I want it and I allow myself to do that when I feel I need it or when I feel my calorie count allows it.  Also, this is my second phase now so I am going to work on limiting my refined carbs (those pastas and crackers and breads I love so much) and try to opt for better meals like a stirfry with only veggie and protein (or at least 3 out of 5 stirfrys without noodles or rice).  It's something to work on.  I don't intend to give up those carbs completely -- I love them too much.  But I would like to work on reducing how much I do indeed eat.

So, that's enough about my morphing body.  The year went quickly and I enjoyed not having a full time and a part time job anymore.  That has also been so crucial in allowing me to work on my health, plan meals, prep salads, exercise, etc.  You have no idea how brutal it was to work the hours I put in for almost 20 years.  I was on my way to caput!  But now things are so much better personally.  Well, there might be a hiccup with my health regarding the cancer issue but I'm going to find out with a CT scan on Jan 27th to see why I am having very familiar pains where my ovary used to be.  It feels eerily similar to how I felt while I had the cancer before my hysterectomy.  So hopefully it's nothing but if it is, I will deal with it.  I didn't wait more than a couple days of getting these pains before I decided to act on it which is far better than I did all those years before getting diagnosed with endometrial cancer.  Again, it was Stage 1a Grade 1 which is the best one can hope for but the 11cm tumor size was a concern enough that my onco sent my case to the review board to make sure I didn't need radiation.  Which her peers assessed I did not.  So who knows, perhaps this is nothing or just scar tissue acting up or something else entirely.  We'll know more soon.

Gee, I thought I was over talking about my body!

Ok, I am for sure now.

2013 ended both good and not so good.  Good was my purposeful intent to get wasted at the staff Xmas party.  My mantra had been "I'm gettin' shitfaced for Christmas" (sung with a lilting voice) all through November and December.  Since I don't drink a whole lot (don't like the taste; grew up around a lot of alcohol; and at my heavy weight the alcohol would rush to my cheeks and burn; and a few other reasons), I was excited to get shitfaced now that I was thinner and knew I could handle the booze better.  So I really tried fucking HARD to get hammered people but I didn't get as smashed as I really wanted.  But almost.  It was a good event and I held an after party for everyone in my hotel room since I live 40 mins from our party venue and it was on like donkey kong.  Had a great time and still managed to get up fine the next morning and do a 30 minute workout in the resort gym with my co-worker Jen.  So, maybe another time I'll get truly shitfaced.  :lol:

The not so good part was just a few family issues like not good communications etc.  It made me realize that I don't think I really like Christmas a whole but I just LOVE the decor and giving things to people.  But I don't have anyone special in my life (never have) and so it's just not got a whole lot of meaning that way for me.  Perhaps some day, once I've lost this weight (aka the brick wall I built around myself after some traumas and dramas to keep people away) I will feel comfortable enough to meet someone finally.  Then again, I might be too fuckin' picky, folks.  haha

All right, enough said for this year's passing.  Hope that 2014 is brilliant for me and you, too.  May we all be artistically prolific this year and learn some new skills.

Best wishes to whomever you are that might be reading this.  :heart: :love:


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